dua to breakup a couple

Best Islamic Dua to break up a couple or two person

It is not a good option to thinking about separation but sometimes there is no other way. Generally a break up is done when you have no other choice left apart from being separated. Like may be your partner had some extra marital. Dua to separate two person will work in very effective manner in these kind of cases. This will also work if you want to separate your son/daughter from a unwanted relationship.

It is very clear that decision of your kid is not right. But he/she won’t listen to you under influence of love. It is good if you use this dua to separate two person and save life of your child. This separation dua will help in filling hatred in the another person’s heart. It will help them to get easily separated.

Sitting at your home and offering this dua will bring the fruitful outcome for you. No one even come to know about implementation of such dua solutions. Relationship is not about doing compromise with your life. If your partner is doing something wrong which you don’t like then you told to your partner.

But you partner again made that mistake which you don’t like then you always start thinking about separation. Sometimes your partner is in more than one relationships. Its really a worst phase of a relationship, When you hear that thing about your partner. At that time, you want to kill your partner. Brothers and sisters this is not a right choice to kill someone, if your partner is making any mistake. You can recite this dua to separate with your partner and start your life from starting.

Dua To Break UP a Couple

You have to take help from this break up dua to separate a couple. In your life which will definitely help you. After reciting this dua, your lover will leave you and go away from your life. Your lover starts hating you. Take the help from dua or Wazifa, which will help you in breakup.

  • Take single feather of any bird, wooden ash and any of the belonging of the person whom you want break up his/her relationship.
  • Bundle these things in green colored cloth and hold in your right hand.
  • Now recite ilm –e dua 43 times as “Ushoor Ulham Iltam Idersatan Suderhalam Ulham Surha Durrom Ikthekkar Fidram Urood Arham.
  • Now flow this bundle in running water, so that no one should get this in his/her hand.
  • This offering is single day process, post that you can get the expected outcome if there is no mistake committed in this holy offering.
dua to breakup a couple
dua to breakup a couple

In case if you are not getting the expected outcome then you need to contact with us. We will help you to implement this dua to break a couple. But before you decide to implement this approach we suggest you prepare mentally for this decision. Also you need to make sure that no one will harmed else unethical use of this dua will lead to negative result to you.

Sometimes things won’t work in the manner which you expect. Especially about love and relationship concerns. May be your lover is getting married to someone else under such circumstances. But with the help of powerful dua to break a couple, you can stop his/her marriage and get back into relationship with your lover.

You only need to share what exactly your cause of usage of this qurani dua. On that based, we will suggest you the suitable approach from our side. Our specialist will provide you the step-by step procedure of how to implement the dua. What should you do? If you’ll perform this in the right way then you will surely get the benefits from this. In Sha Allah may the Almighty Allah will show his Mercy in you and bring your lover come back in your life.