istikhara for divorce

Istikhara Dua for divorce and Talaq | Leave husband

Are you facing complications in your marriage and now your marriage becomes a source of pain for you? After spending lot of time together, suddenly you find something is missing. The nature of your husband or a wife is changing and the behavior is unusual. Your husband has gone away from you, and now he becomes a drunker. If you are a wife then now it makes you lose your control over your husband. 

Now, if you don’t want to live your life with your pasrtner hen, with the help of an Istikhara Dua for Divorce you can easily get divorce. You don’t want to take this relationship too longer to make you are children more suffered with an unhealthy marriage. Since Istikhara Dua for Divorce is very powerful dua and you will get quick results within a few minutes. So, you have to carefully implement this Istikhara.

  • To perform Istikhara Dua for Divorce person must be pure along with his/her heart and minds.
  • 2 rakats of prayers are mandatory to perform before going to bed.
  • In first rakat recite Surah Al- Kafirun after Suraah Fatihaa.
  • In second rakat recite Surah Al- Ikhilaas after Suraah Fatihaa.
  • Perform Istikhara Dua for Divorce in Arabic.
  • Person must think his/her partner twice while performing Haadha al hamra.
  • Go to your bed for sleep Inshallaah, the Almighty Allah will give you some good sign regarding divorce in your dream with your husband or wife.

Istikhara to leave Husband

istikhara for divorce
istikhara for divorce

It is very tough for a women to come up to a conclusion that changes her entire life and decision to leave Husband. This is very toughest to live with your partner while having fighting. Many of people who got bonded with pious responsibility of marriage and then they couldn’t understand true meaning of marriage. So, if your husband are among them who are carefree with their marital responsibilities, falling in bad relationship with other women, have disputes with you.

Then, it is advisable to you to do a divorce which is the last option to end all controversies with your husband. If you find your match with your husband is incompatible or you want marry with some other guy. Then there is no secondary option for you other than implementing Istikhara to leave husband. Istikhara to leave husband are associated with all divine powers which make your husband totally expelled from your life like you are strangers. So, implement Istikhara to leave husband and feel magic. You can also contact us our Molvi or Istikhara specialist Online for asking your queries and getting consultation.

Istikhara for Talaq

Most people feared the word “talaq” because divorce not only can make your life upside down as well as upside but it affects life of your children’s and your close ones. Anyways you have promised to your partner after getting tied in bond of marriage that you always support each other in every good or bad times. But if you feel in order to make things better you compromise more, still things are going out of control then only option left is divorce to get rid from bad marriage. Most of us still feel shy about divorce after their bad marriage, what society thinks what other think.

You don’t want to be fear anymore, if you have Istikhara for Talaq along with you. Istikhara for Talaq is predominantly built for those victims who are getting oppressed and felt suffocated in their marriage due to disturbances arising in their married life and willingly want to take divorce with their partner.