kisi ki mangni todna

Kisi ki mangni todne ka dua, wazifa and amal

Kisi ki mangni todne ka wazifa

Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters! Bismillah Hirrahma Nirrahim.

What happened to you when you love someone so much and you give to him or her self-lots of time? But that person whom you love a lot don’t care about you and your situation and even doesn’t love you. And even in the eyes or in front of you, that person is going far away from your life and yourself.

That person is not going to anywhere but that person may be going to someone else life. In this world, every person who has his/her beloved one and when he/she goes in the life of someone else.

Then that person just wants to die because whom he/she do love so much to hire/her partner and suddenly his/her partner go someone person’s life and left himself/herself. Now, my brothers and sisters, this feeling does not understand by those who do not love someone truly and perfectly.

But if you are feeling these situations then you know and understand what I want to say you.

You have that type of feeling which no one knows and understand. And you know my brothers and sisters if you love someone truly and that person is going to somewhere. Then at the time you want to end yourself, you want to end your life because you don’t want to live. And if you don’t want to die then your hurt or your soul at that time is looking like dead.

And what happens if you will have the most strongest and Powerful Wazifa for Kisi ki mangni todne ka wazifa.

Kisi ki mangni todne ka amal

What will happen when that person whom you loved a lot will never leave you alone in your life? He or she always live his or her life with you and not go anywhere to leave you alone. So what do you think about this do you need that someone special whom you love lives forever with yourself?

Here we’re going to provide you with the most powerful Amal and if you will do this powerful Amal correctly. After that, you will never leave your special one whom you love so much.

kisi ki mangni todna
kisi ki mangni todna

With the help of this strongest and powerful Amal, your boyfriend/girlfriend will not go to the life of someone else. This Amal will also help you to break the engagement of your boyfriend or girlfriend in a legal way. We have seen lots of cases in our life that, from where a person did black magic for someone.

But you know my brothers and sisters, this is that type of Amal which should be done without black magic. So do you need that most powerful and strongest among for Kisi ki mangni todne ka amal.

Here is the Kisi ki mangni todne ka amal:

  1. First of all, you have take the bath with clean and fresh water and then make Wudu according to Sunnah.
  2. After that you have to read the Darood Shareef 11 times.
  3. After reading the Darood Shareef, now you have to recite the Surah Lahaab for 41 times.
  4. After all of this, now you have to again read the Durood Shareef for 11 times.
  5. After completing all of these things, now you have to take the two crystals of Salt and then blow on it.
  6. Here you have to take the name of both the persons who are going to married.
  7. And after that, you have to throw these crystals of Salt into the wall and make the Dua from the Almighty Allah.

This amal should be from your work your heart and mind and in this case you don’t have to take any problem at the time.

In Sha Allah, Kisi ki mangni todne ka amal will help you to reach your goal in a legal.

You have to perform this amal continuously for 21 days and end the procedure when you will see any types of symptoms.

Kisi ki mangni todne ki dua

As we all know that there are so many Duas and suggestion for the people in our holy book Quran. And our Almighty Allah told us that if you want to dream something and you want to fulfill your dream.

Sometimes if you have any types of problems or issues in your life then you have to tell to me. Even I know that what is your problem or what you are dreaming but when you ask me for a help. I will provide you and you know I send you this Duniya for a reason and ask me anything I will give you.

And hence as a result of this, we will provide you Dua for each type of your love issues. It doesn’t matter it is how to break someone marriage or any other things. So, if you want to get rid of this marriage then read Kisi ki shadi todne ki dua.

Here is the Dua for kisi ki mangni todne ki dua:-