separate husband and wife

Dua to separate husband and wife or two lovers

Dua to Separate two lovers

Are you that father or a mother whose son or a daughter is mad on their lover or beloved one? Your son or a daughter blindly love someone and now, he or she is going to marry with their lover. But that lover is not so good because the of talking is not so good and that is the reason. You want to break them. Every father and mother do well or good to their son as well as daughter.

Sometimes, if your love story left in mid and we are sure that, this makes your life disturbed. You will not happy to see your lover going to someone else and now you want him/her to free from this unlawful relationship. There is holy dua to separate two lovers and with the help of this, you can come over those problems. Even in every religion, offering the supplication is not restricted, it is allowed to offer supplication when you are in trouble or seeking any specific dream to be fulfilled.

People don’t know the correct way to offer the holy solution and keep on blaming that it is not worthy to offer these solutions. If you are in need of this holy dua to separate two lovers then certain things which need to be followed are shared:

“Get name of both the lovers in mind and recite this dua Ulmha Uroom Durood Tislaaem Tulham Tilahama Ulham Islamin Ilhamin Ikhtiyaar Tilliam Tulham Sukrma Sulman Elham Urood Istal Ultam

This above dua recited 31 times for continuously 50 days then it will allow let you separate two lovers which you want. Fights and troubles disturbs relationship completely and might be possible that your arrange marriage is not proven a good match for you. Then it became unlawful relationship and need to get rid from this.

Dua to separate husband and wife

Have you done the marriage with the wrong one which means your husband/wife is not good to you. Everytime he/she slaps you/beats you and doesn’t give you any respect in alone and in front of others. You can also have other problems with your husband or a wife like he/she has another affairs with someone.

May be you are not happy with your marriage and want to get rid but your partner (husband/wife) didn’t want. Then it will be complicated for you and if you get rid from this, take help from dua to separate husband and wife. If you try this dua to separate husband and wife then it will also terminate all the legal cases which you are fighting for divorce and let it be done in the way you are expecting.

If you are having extra marital affairs in marriage, daily fights in husband fight due to compatibility issues, intervention of any third person who influenced your relationship. And many more causes you think for separation, but if you think that you need separation then you can go ahead with this powerful dua.

separate husband and wife
separate husband and wife

Dua to break relationship

Do you want to break any types of relationship which is harming you in all the way of your life? We are here to help you in providing the powerful and effective dua to break relationship. But before you proceed to implement this approach you need to be sure that you want this break.

Because this solution is very powerful and things will never be reversed back. Relationship sometime bonded due to some influence or attraction which later on you came to know. After being in relationship if you find that you opted for incorrect guy/girl and want to get rid from him/her.

Then nothing unethical if you are using dua to break relationship. If you need any sort of help in implementing this holy dua then without giving a second thought in mind you can do contact to us and ask for help. We are here to help you to solve all the problems which you are emerging or facing in your life.