shohar ko control karne ki dua

Shohar ko control karne ki dua, wazifa | Razi karne ka taweez

If a woman gets married in her life then it understood that the changes will come in her future. She left her house (father mother) because of that person whom she thinks that he will love him a lot. And that person is her husband even she trust him a lot that’s why she gets married to him. But due to some of the reasons or problems, her husband doesn’t take care of his wife.

Why this happen? Maybe the husband is busy to do some of the office’s work or maybe he’s busy with other work. This result creates the difference between the husband and wife relationship and also create the end of love marriage.

Before marriage, the wife thought that after marriage I will do this thing I will do that thing. But those dreams that she thought in before the marriage all that dreams may doesn’t come true in her life. This is not the fault of herself but maybe this is the fault of the situation of the time.

shohar ko control karne ki dua
shohar ko control karne ki dua

Maybe those things which she thought in before the marriage, her husband doesn’t give those things to herself. There are also those women whose husband are so angry, they start fighting with the little things and the talk. Sometimes that husband beat and slap to his wife and hence as a result of this wife become so alone.

But don’t be sad, you’ve to perform Shohar ko control karne ki dua or shohar ko razi karne ki dua.

Shohar ko razi karne ki dua

Shohar ko control karne ki dua or shohar ko razi karne ki dua is the most powerful and the strongest Dua. After applying this Dua correctly, your husband will again love you truly. Your husband will be mad on yourself and he takes care of yourself. If you are busy he will help you and if you need him your husband will be there. So my sister doesn’t waste any more time let us know this most powerful and working Dua.

Here is the Dua for Shohar ko control karne ki dua or shohar ko razi karne ki dua:

“Allahummaa Sallii Alaa Muhamma Diiwwaa

Alaa Aaalii Muhammaadiin Adada Khalqekaa

Waa Ree Zaaa Nafseekaa Waa Zeenataa Arr Shikaa

Waaa MeeDadaa Kalimaa Tiikaa”

You have to recite this powerful Dua after offering all the 5 times Namaz in a day and In Sha Allah Allah will help you.

Shohar ko kabu karne ka taweez

You also have to take the help of Taweez and you know my sisters Taweez are also plays a vital role. Taweez is also the key to solve the various problems and is also the great weapons. You know my sisters, maybe you have seen some of the peoples who wear Taweez in their arms. Taweez ia also the best and legal weapon from where you will solve the various problems. And there is also the Taweez for shohar ko kabu karne ka taweez and this will also help you. You have to wear this Raweez in your arms and also in your husband’s arm.

Here is the Shohar ko kabu karne ka taweez:

Shohar ko manane ki dua

There are also various other Dua from which you can easily help to make you husband back in your life. This Dua is also the most powerful and strongest Dua for Shohar ko manane ke liye. If you will follow this Dua, your husband will love you again and we are 100% sure that, your husband will back in your husband.

If you want to know how to recite this Shohar ko manane ki Dua then you have to follow these simple tips.

  1. First of all, you have to pray or we can say that, you have to offer the 5 times Namaz in a day.
  2. You also have to offer or pray the Tahajjud Namaz .
  3. After completing the Namaz,

now you have to start reciting this Dua:

“Waamiinaa alaanasii man yatthaa kheethuu

Minn dunii Allaahii anadadaann yuhiiboonaahumm

kahubii Allahii wallaatheenaa amanuu ashadduu

hubbaann lillahii walavv yaaraa allathenaa alamuu

iithh yarawnaa ala Athabaa annaa alquwwataa lillahii

jamee Aan wannaa Allhaa shadeduu alaa athabii”

After that, you have to recite the Darood Shareef for 21 times. And then you have to make a dua.