stop divorce dua istikhara

Dua and Istikhara to stop divorce

Dua to Stop Divorce

In married life several types of issues come time-to-time but a good couple is that who have the capability to sorting these issues as soon as possible. If you don’t solve these problems or an issues then it may destroy your whole life. In today’s busy and complicated life, all the married people are suffering from various types of problems and they have no time to sort out these issues.

There are various types of problems which may come in the married such as misunderstanding between a husband and wife, love affairs and so on. Some people with breaking the relationships all the problems can easily be sorted. But if they break the marriage then it doesn’t solve all their problems. Here they just create lots of problems. Breaking the relationships or divorce are not the best solutions for any husband or a wife. If your husband/wife is not under your control and he/she want to divorce then you can take the benefits of dua to stop divorce method.

With the help of this method, your life partner will never go far away from your life and he/she will never leave you alone. This is the most powerful way and it has the competent in sorting out each and every type of husband-wife issue. In addition to, you can secure the life of your children and they will take the shelter both of you. To get the desired of this method you just have to recite the following dua very carefully:

Qull Inn Koontum Tuhh ‘Iboonlaahaaaa Faattaabii-o/oneee Yuhh’ Bibkumulaaaahuu Waaaa Yaaghfiir Laakumm D unubaakum Waalaaaahuu Ghaafururu Raah eem

Speak this dua and say Allah to sort out your all married life problems. If you are in a situation where you don’t have any opportunity rather than getting the divorce from your life partner then you must try powerful dua to stop divorce method. We make sure that with the implementation of this method your divorce will surely stop.

In addition to, you will never separate from each other and can enjoy your whole life together. This method has been sorting out the various married life problems for past several years. Those who have enjoyed the benefits of this dua now are living their whole life in more comfortable way with their partner.

stop divorce dua istikhara
stop divorce dua istikhara

A few of the husbands think that her wife is his slave. Her job is only to fulfill his physical requirements and do his house works. If a woman takes an action against his behavior then her life may suffer from various types of problems such as divorce, etc. To maintain the married life relationships both of you must understand each other. You have to know about feeling and emotions and must share special moments with each other.

With the doing some little bit task and istikhara you can surely secure your married life and can give a unique touch to it. Understand each other and don’t think about divorce because it is not the best solution.

After the usage of Istikhara dua for divorce method, you will see that your life has become much better than before. In addition to, you will think why you were talking about divorce. So, recite dua and istikhara and enjoy your life. You will also follow this procedure:

  • Wake up early in the morning and then take a bath and do wudu.
  • Pray the Fajar Namaz and then do Quran-e-Talwat and after that make a dua for your marriage.
  • Also pray Zohar Namaz, Asar Namaz, Magrib Namaz, and Isha Salah.
  • Don’t miss any Salah.
  • Beg from the Almighty Allah to not to do the divorce.
  • In Sha Allah, you will get the solution of each and every of your problems.

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